Monday, November 19, 2012

And We're Off!

"Oman?  Is that a city or country?"  Those were my first words to my husband about nine months ago, when he casually mentioned that his company would be building a plant there.  Joe asked me what I thought about living in the Middle East.  I thought of my friend, Monica, who has lived in several places throughout the world.  She always seemed to have such interesting stories and experiences.  So I said, "why not?"  So here I sit now, in a partially-furnished house with a for sale sign in the yard, tackling a to-do list a mile long.  Getting ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime (or at least 3-5 years!)

Joe and I will not be going on this journey alone.  We will be bringing our two younger children.  Austin is 15 and a freshman in high school.  We have stayed in the country this long so that he could have one full season of high-school football.  Let's just say he is not chomping at the bit to move thousands of miles away.  Then there is Savannah, who is almost 14.  She is in 8th grade and can't wait to move to Oman!  She is counting the days.  We are leaving behind our two older children and  son-in-law.  Amanda and Seth live in New York City and our son Jared lives is Phialdelphia.  They are looking forward to visiting us in our new home. 

It is kind of fun telling people where we are going.  When people hear we are moving, they usually assume we are moving back home, to Texas.  When I tell them Oman, my most common response has been, "Oman?  Oh my!!" 

I look forward to sharing with y'all our new journey.



  1. Yay you! Have you felt how much you are missed?!

  2. Awesome ! Wanda you remind me why I do love our International life as Expats. As well as treasure the moments @ home with family. The mile long list of things to do, people to see, items to buy. And the the looks in people faces when they ask and never expect the answer given of so where do you live?.. You Headline is so true . I wish you only the Best Adventure for all of you . I look forward to reading your blog . Happy Thanksgiving -Monica

  3. Nice start, now lets get to some details about the Dubai Mall, the headscarf you will be wearing etc,,,