Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wanda Goes to Salalah--Part 2 (Wanda's Believe It or Not!)

Okay, I am finishing up my Salalah trip!  There are some more interesting things to see.  And will you believe??

On this day, my first trip was to the Gravitational hill.  I was driven to a spot on the road, and my friend put her car in neutral and took her foot off the brake.  The car started moving, on its own, backwards and uphill!!!
I know this is poor video.  My apologies.  You can tell we are moving backwards, though hard to tell we are going uphill.  My friend said it was because of strange gravitational forces in the area.  I Googled this, and found that there are several such spots in the world.  But some people scoff and say it is just an optical illusion.  Well, I was there.  It certainly did not seem like an optical illusion.  Believe it or Not!

I was taking the picture of the camel crossing sign and the scenery, but you can see the road was going uphill.

On to our next destination.  My trip was in late September, at the end of the Khareef season.  Here are some mists, rolling in.  It was perfectly sunny just five minutes away.

We went to look at the sea.  There were warning signs telling you not to swim.  Umm, I don't think I needed the sign to keep me out of the water.

These rough seas are typical in the Khareef season.

Oman has 'smoky mountains' too! 

These are the blowholes of Mughsail.  Nothing too mysterious or controversial about these.  The sea water shoots under this rocky outcrop, and comes up the holes.  I came at a good time, still during Khareef.  At their highest, these sprays of water can be about 100 feet high!

You can see the crashing waves just a little bit down the coast.
Well, you just saw the water.  These two men weren't afraid of the crashing waves and managed to catch several large fish.

Here is my final attraction of the day.  Nabi Ayub is the Arabic name for Job.  This is the sign for Job's tomb!!!  The Job.

I find this sign so fascinating.

I think when we imagine what Job's tomb to be like, we might picture some grand cathedral or monument, as we might see in Europe.  This was a very modest site.  There is an old mosque on the grounds.
This is it.  Job's tomb.  Can you see how long it is?  Job is said to be nine feet tall with very large feet.
I don't know how well you can see this sign, hanging in the tomb.  It lists the Old Testament genealogy.  It is very similar to what a Christian Old Testament genealogy might look like.  Job is in the red circle on the left.  Of course, ours would not have Mohammed on the right!

Job's prayer garden

And this is supposedly Job's footprint.  It is about 18 inches long!  I understand there are four places that claim to have Job's remains.  Whether you 'Believe it or Not', this was still a very interesting place to see and well worth the drive.

The surrounding views

These nests were on the property.  They belong to yellow weavers and hang on these thin branches.  There is a hole at the bottom, and you can see the weavers feeding their young through the hole.

Not exactly desert.

Would you 'believe' this old carriage was just sitting off the side of the road?  :)

Here is Salim, whose uncle if of the '100 camels for me' fame.  A true story about Salim.  One day Joe and his other colleague were on their way to meet with one of the ministers (government, not religious minister) in Salalah.  They are trying to get some more infrastructure out to the quarry site.  Right before they left, Salim sprayed them with perfume.  He said, "You will be more highly thought of if you smell good"!!  Good to know.  :)
I had a great time visiting Salalah.  I am looking forward to going again.  I want to see the remains of Queen of Sheba's palace.  Believe it or Not!

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