Saturday, March 15, 2014

Canadian Stampede 2014!

This was the hottest ticket in town last night--The 21st Annual Canadian Stampede party here in Muscat!  The Stampede party in Muscat is the longest running celebration of the stampede outside of Calgary.  By the way, Calgary's stampede has been going on for over 100 years.

The ladies in our group-- Julie, Catherine, moi, and Jennifer.  Catherine was our token Canadian.  :)

The ticket plainly informed us that the proper attire was Western attire.  Now remember, I am a Texan.  I know my western wear.  I don't normally wear it, but I know all about it.  Boots, bling, and big hair!  I put together an outfit with my limited western means.

So, in the US, there is a popular show called What Not to Wear.  I could do my own version-- Wanda's What Not to Wear.  There was the trip one year from Chicago to West Palm Beach, Florida, in January.  I took four pairs of black pants.  Everyone was wearing white and hot pink and green.  Very Lily Pulitzer.  Then there was my recent trip to Hong Kong.  The predicted highs were temps in the 70s.  70s to me calls for capris and sandals.  I did not think that one through.  70s in Hong Kong meant boots and coats!  So, let's just say that Canadian western attire is not bling and big hair.  Think plaid.  Picture proof to follow shortly.

Julie, the only one of us who wore plaid, was saying that she did not realize that Canada was so 'western'.  The things one learns in Oman.

Walking down to the party.  Hay in the foreground, and food tents in the middle.

For the price of your ticket (20 RO or $52) you get a western buffet, three free drinks, two bands, and a chance to win a trip for two to the real Calgary Stampede.

The stage, with hay covering the concrete dance floor.

There were several people in 'interesting' costumes.  I had Catherine pose with a couple of them.  We saw another man wearing a purple velvet coat.  We all thought he looked like Willy Wonka.  Not so.  According to our Canadian Catherine, he was dressed like a famous hockey announcer.  She also explained some of the slides and pictures we saw.  She was amazed at how little Americans know about 'common' Canadian knowledge.  :)

There was a western buffet.  Oman style.

Ross and Jennifer

This was the big screen scrolling through pictures and sayings about Canada.  Like I said, Catherine had to explain some of them to us.  But not this one.  :)

I was so excited when I first got to the party.  Country music.  Real, danceable country music.  But that was just recorded music for the beginning.  There was a band, that played mainly rock and current music.  But not country music.  After the first band, a guy got on stage and was teaching the crowd lines dances.  I think this guy from Oman.  He was definitely not American or Canadian.  He did a good job and the dance floor was packed.  I was in the thick of things for the first three line dances, then took a break.

Please look at this crowd.  What do you see?  Jeans, boots, and plaid shirts.  I don't know when I have ever seen so much plaid!  So for your information, if you are reading this in 2015 because you want to know what to wear to the Canadian Stampede party, go with plaid!!  :)  The best music was starting just as we were leaving, at 11:30.  But I knew I would spend most of next day on my feet.

As I sit here working on this blog post, I am talking to Austin, who just returned from India this morning.  He and I spent the afternoon at International Day at his school, where I was surrounded by American flags and patriotic music at the American booth.  I can't go to bed yet because I am waiting to pick up Savannah at the airport as she flies home from Nepal.  Such is the life of an expat mom in Oman!


  1. I'm so very glad that you got to attend the Stampede this year, and that you had fun! Hope you join us again next year ;)