Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sifah Beach

Last Saturday we went to the beach with some friends.  Julie decided on Sifah beach, about 45 or so from Muscat.  If you are by the Oman Dive Center, it is another 32 km to Sifah.  The way to Sifah is very well marked.  Just follow the signs.  Note: Don't be confused if you see Sifa, Seefa, Seifah, etc.  If it phonetically sounds like Sifah, you are headed the right way!  By the way, that pretty much goes for any sign in Oman.

We have been to Sifah before, but to eat at the Sammack restaurant.  When the road dead ends in the town of Sifah, you turn right to go to the restaurant, but left to head to the beach.  When you get there, this is your reward.

Our friends told us they have never seen so many people at this beach!!  Yes, those dots on the right are other people.  :)  What can I say, beaches are not a popular destination.  Or maybe there are just so many beaches in Oman.  Anyways, it was beautiful!

Mountains behind the beach.  Half of the drive to Sifah was through the mountains.   It was a beautiful drive!  We also drove through some old fishing villages.  Saw lots of goats.

The girls were floating in the calm sea.

The boys were having a noodle war.

Goats were not the only wild animals we saw.  These donkeys were feasting on some trash.  There were quite a few donkeys in the area.

No, these are not more donkeys.  :)  Just Austin and Joe.

It was wonderful to just walk along the beach.

Now this picture and the one below it were taken on the drive home.

A great time was had by all!

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