Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Muscat, Oman!  
We spent the day dolphin-watching, snorkeling, boating, and playing on the beach.

Dolphin watching

I am just glad the boat had flippers big enough for Austin's feet!

Here is our group, snorkeling.  The day was beautiful, with temps in the upper 70's.  The water was just a tad cool, though.

Sailboats in the distance, practicing for an upcoming race.

Our boat, docked at the beach.  We had it all to ourselves.

There were lots of rocks to climb.

And castles to build.

Joe and I took a short hike up from the beach, away from the cove.  

This is what we saw on the other side.  It seemed like everywhere you looked was more beautiful than the spot before!

The water was clear and green.  This was quite a ways down.

And this is what I saw when I turned my head to the right. 

Walking back to the beach.

These were all the younger members of our group.

This is my souvenir from the day!   

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  1. What a perfect day!! Looks like you had a great time and the scenery is gorgeous!!