Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our First Christmas in Oman

Merry Christmas from the Holmes family, from sunny Oman!  Um, better late than never.
Our Christmas week began with a few days in Dubai, for Christmas shopping.  Here is the Christmas tree outside of Bloomingdales in The Dubai Mall.  There were not really any decorations in the mall itself, but just in certain stores.
We voted on Texas Sheet Cake for Christmas Eve.  We really wanted German Chocolate, but I have not seen sweet chocolate or buttermilk in Oman.  This cake tasted great, even though my oven (just one step up from camping) baked it lopsided.  Yes, those are real Texas pecans, though the smallest I have ever seen.

Finally got some wrapped gifts under the tree.

Amanda gave me this camel for my birthday, the first camel of my collection.  I will buy more as soon as I figure out where to display them!  I used to display all my Santas on my mantle in the US, but no fireplace mantle here in Oman.
Here is Joe, talking to Jared on our Christmas morning, Jared's Christmas Eve.  Joe has a program on his computer that uses the internet, which of course is free.  FYI, Skype is illegal in Oman.  We are exploring other options, but just don't have them set up yet.  Facetime doesn't seem to work either.
Savannah's turn to chat with her older siblings.  We called Amanda at work, catching her in between helping delivering babies on Christmas.
              Oops!  I think Joe's present got mislabeled.  Those are my beautiful new sandals.

Austin gets a new xbox.
Christmas dinner was at the Intercontinental Hotel in Muscat.  There was a scrumptious buffet held in the garden. 

                                                          Complete with ice sculptures.

    This picture is out of order, but Savannah and Austin both wanted radio-operated helicopters!

We were a little early for the buffet.  And to be honest, still full from Christmas breakfast.  We splurged on bacon!
                    The other ladies in our group, wives and daughter of Joe's work colleagues. 

                    There was entertainment for the children, including Sponge Bob and Dora.
Savannah's Christmas nails!  She was so excited to get all her nail tools from the air shipment, which was delivered to our house on Christmas Eve!  The air shipment was supposed to take 15-25 days and took 69, but who's counting?

Here's the thing.  There was live music at the buffet.  I was looking forward to that, because I have really missed all the Christmas music this season.  I was anticipating Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer, Deck the Halls, etc.  But no, this couple played salsa music!!  They played a barely recognizable version of Jingle Bells.  Leave it to me find salsa music in Oman on Christmas day!  I loved it, even though I was strictly forbidden to dance by my children. 
I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas and may you have a wonderful and blessed New Year! 

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  1. Wanda, loved all the photos. Can't believe your children!!! Austin is towering over Joe and Savannah isn't far behind to topping you. What are you feeding them?

    Merry Christmas, Tom & Lynda