Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas

I have a hard time remembering it's the Christmas season.  There are no Christmas commercials on TV, no 24-hour Christmas music on the radio, and no Christmas decorations in the stores.  Not to mention the sunshine and 80-degree days.  It was time to bring Christmas to our home!  Luckily, there are trees and decorations for sale in Muscat.  Our first order of business, find a tree!

We found one at the Sultan Center, the same place I found Blue Bell ice cream.  We got an 8-foot tree for 38 OR (Omani Rials), or about $99.  They have a section of the store full of Christmas decorations and other items.  This is the only public place I have heard Christmas music.  I will admit to a wave of homesickness when I heard it.  

Next order of business-- lights.  Now I take my Christmas tree lights seriously.  I have not had a pre-lit tree because I have not found one with enough lights.  And considering I am living in a Muslim country with different electricity, I didn't know what kind of lights I would find.  Here is one strand of lights.  The little black box is a heavy transformer.  I was just happy that the light strand would actually plug into the wall.  Some of the appliances we have bought over here have required converter plugs.  I decided we needed more lights, and couldn't find any to match what we already bought.  My sweet husband went to several stores, looking for more.  When he couldn't find matching lights, he got a whole new set of lights.  Let's just say, we spent more on lights than the tree!  

Three strands of light, plugged in.  

Tree is put together and lit!  Now for the ornaments.  

Savannah is attaching hangers on the ornaments.  I found all these ornaments in several different stores around the city.  All our Christmas decorations were left in storage.  And besides, we have yet to receive any of our stuff from the US.  Don't even get me started!

The finished tree!  I have ribbon coming in our air shipment and will make a bow for the top.  I still need to  find some fabric for a tree skirt.  And here is our first camel ornament.  Now I just have to get the kids to put some Christmas music on my iphone.



  1. Love your tree! Can't believe you haven't received your US shipment yet. :/ Oh and I love my pre-lit tree!! Couldn't handle putting up the lights anymore.

  2. You found Blue Bell ice cream there? I can't get Blue Bell in California!!! Something is wrong with this!!

    1. Lisa, I know! I couldn't buy it in Chicago either. But if it makes you feel any better, you can tell it had melted and refrozen. Not quite the same as back in Texas.

  3. The only way to get any better ice cream than Blue Bellis to crank out your own! No sign of snow in Chicago, so we made need our own snow machine, which just ain't right! Your tree is beautiful, Wanda. Thanks so much for sharing it all with us! Now, if you happen to discover a Jason's Deli over there, you will have it all! ;)!