Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Come Visit My Neighborhood

I live on a wonderful street, full of interesting and varied sights.  The housing ranges from fishermen dwellings to rambling mansions.  Here are some of the things I see every day as I drive up and down my street.

There are multiple groups of these huts.  To the best of my knowledge (which may not be saying much), these huts are used for storing fishing boats and equipment.  The boats can be seen cruising up and down the coast, just about every day.


                                                          An old wooden fishing boat

These pavilions are scattered up and down the street.  All these pictures were taken in the morning, but the evening is really when the street comes alive.  Most of these pavilions are occupied by groups of Omani men, just enjoying the evening air.  You also see groups on men sitting on the sidewalk, playing games.  You do see women, just not as many. 

I see these red pickup trucks every day, parked right there.  They are so old, they are charming. 

 This house is next to the red trucks.  It is hard to see, but there is a group of women and children sitting under the tree.  They are frequently there.

These makeshift fences can be found around just about all buildings under construction.  There are shacks behind these walls, where the construction workers actually live.  These construction workers are also expats, from other countries.

There are plenty of tidal pools for wading and exploring.
This house always makes me think of Little Mermaid.  That front balcony looks like a giant clam shell.  I was looking forward to seeing the house completed.  But then I heard this house has been under construction for over 13 years!  There is no work being done on it currently.

 Here is a soccer field, with not a single blade of grass!  We have also seen cricket games in action.  These are not organized teams, but mainly used by the neighborhood workers. 

The house in the background is a very large single-family home.  Many Omanis live with their extended families, so large homes are needed.  The empty field is also well used.  It serves as a parking lot for people visiting the beach, and has also been used as a campground.  Surprisingly, I have seen very few people actually swimming in the water.  Of course, this is 'winter', so maybe when it gets hotter.

This is one of my favorite houses on the street.  I love how the front wall is just covered in bougainvillea.  By the way, there are no exposed front yards.  All of the nicer homes have walls in front of the house. 

This is a house that is under active construction.  Note the concrete blocks and rebars sticking up.  No Sheetrock in sight, I am afraid.
I hope you have enjoyed this short tour of my neighborhood!  Y'all come back!


  1. Wanda, It seems like a very good looking neighborhood from the pictures. Enjoy yourselves. God is good.

  2. Fascinating! Great idea for a blog, and helps us have a better look at your "neighborhood." Wondering what winter temperatures might be there!

    1. Hi Debi, 'winter' temps are mid to upper 70's. Every day. I think there may have been a few days with highs in the upper 60's. Y'all will have to come see for yourselves! :)