Saturday, February 16, 2013

Savannah's Discover Oman Trip-- Jebel Akhdar

Every year, the middle school and high school students at my children's school go on a 4-day Discover Oman trip.  The week before, my son rode camels in the desert.  This week, my daughter Savannah went hiking in the mountains. 

She went to Jebel Akhdar, where we had gone as a family.  This, however, is a different abandoned village.

The trip was very physical.  Lots of steep hikes.  But even Savannah admitted the views were amazing.

This is Wadi Nakhr Gorge, aka The Grand Canyon.

These are the tents the kids slept in- two to a tent.  My favorite quote of Savannah's, "I have never been so hot and so cold in the same day!"  It can get quite cold in the mountains of Oman in the winter.

Savannah thought it would be fun to chase a goat.

When I read the itinerary for the trip, it mentioned abseiling.  I had never heard of that.  Turns out it is what we call repelling.  She went off the side of a cliff. 

This person coming down is actually not Savannah, but just thought  you might like to see it from another angle.
All in all, another successful Discover Oman trip!

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