Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rocky Mountain High

I said my next post would be about what my kids were doing in the US.  Well, they are still doing it.  This is what I have been doing while Joe is working in Oman and the kids are gone.  I went to see a dear friend in Colorado!
She lives in Evergreen, a beautiful town in the outskirts of Denver, in the mountains.  This was the view from our restaurant where we celebrated Doneva's birthday.
After dinner, we went on a beautiful drive.  We saw deer and elk.
 But our most exciting sighting??  A wild brown bear!!  I was pretty amazed to see the bear.  Just walking around.
The next day, we drove to Vail for the day.  Just one of the thousand stunning views.
This painted sphere was outside the Betty Ford Garden Center in Vail. 
Our view from our lunch table.  It was the most glorious day!
I am definitely thinking, future vacation spot!  Vail deserves more than just a few hours.
 I loved these wind sculptures.  Just couldn't figure out a way to fit it in my suitcase.
I got a kick out of the signs for spots to put snow chains on your tires.  Not something I would see in Oman!

 Okay, I was driving back from Vail to Evergreen.  Everywhere I looked, there were spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains.  Then I see this sign.  Scenic Area.  Really??  How could the area possibly be more scenic?  This I had to see!

Nice, but not more nice than what I had been seeing.
Doneva and I, sitting on her lower deck.  A wonderful visit with a wonderful friend!

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