Friday, June 14, 2013

Schoooooool's Out for Summer!

One of the first things I learned about living in Oman is that most families go home for the summer.  That is what we did!  This is our last day in Oman before summer.
Here is Savannah receiving a certificate for 8th grade graduation.  Just a note about 8th grade graduations.  In Texas, the end of 8th grade is no big deal.  In Illinois, it is a huge deal.  Austin's school had a dance, ceremony, and picnic for the 8th graders.  Here in Oman, just a very nice ceremony.

Our baby is now in high-school!

Now some of the parents organized the ultimate 8th grade graduation party.  A dinner buffet and private DJ at the Copacabana Club!  For the whole family.
Yes, I was allowed to dance.  :)
After the party, the kids and I headed straight to airport for our late-night flight to Chicago!
And a mere 23 hours later, we are in Chicago!  73 degrees, low humidity, and sunny.  Green grass and green trees.  Portillo's Chicago-style hot dogs and Target.  A great day!  I am off to bed now.  4 hours of sleep in two days, I am ready!

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