Friday, March 28, 2014

Amazing Clouds!

It does rain in Muscat, like I blogged about six weeks ago.  But, really cloudy days are still unusual.  And I just don't remember seeing clouds like this.  My friend, Paula, was driving my other friend, Debi, and I to lunch.  I kept remarking on the clouds.  She said, "Do you want me to pull over so you can take pictures?"  I said no, because we were driving on a major highway.  And who really takes pictures of clouds? But then I thought, why not?  This is Oman, after all, where one can pull over anywhere you want.  And I wanted pictures of clouds.  :)  I really need to blog about driving here.  

Paula was driving on the Muscat Expressway, a highway I am not usually on.  I liked the views.  This was by the Ghala Valley golf course.

This is one of my favorite mosques in Muscat.  I didn't include it in my 'Mosques of Muscat' blog post because I could never get a good picture of it.  And it is still not completed.

I took pictures on the way to lunch and on the way back.  Hopefully I am not duplicating scenes.  :)

A better picture of the mosque.

The best picture yet!!  This did require stopping on the side of the highway again.  Paula drove us on a road I had never been on before.  The Amirat road exit,  before you get on the Amirat road.  :)  Something like that.

It did rain that day and most of the night, but not as heavy as last month.  Which is a good thing!

There is all sorts of beauty in Oman-- even in the clouds!

Not clouds, but this picture was in my camera just after the clouds.  Savannah decided we needed a new selfie, so she waits till I am in the middle of cooking dinner to take it.  Austin with his photo-bombing expression.  Love my kids!

Next blog post?  Probably spring break.  Which we haven't gone on yet. 

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