Monday, April 22, 2013

ITALY-- 3 of 3-- Venice

The trip to Italy ended with two full days in Venice.  Day one was chilly and rainy.  Venice floods about 100 days a year, and you can tell by the raised sidewalks put out so we could walk into St. Mark's Basilica.

The water was up to a foot deep in places, but most of it had receded by the afternoon.

The mosaic on top of the main entrance to the basilica.  I could not take pictures inside, but imagine the ceilings of this magnificent cathedral covered in these vibrant mosaics.  The basilica was built in the 11th century, and was decorated with booty from returning sea captains.
I wonder how many bridges we crossed in Venice.

The Grand Canal

The view from our lunch table
The famous Rialto Bridge
Do you notice the heater above our table?  It was very appreciated!

Oh, what a difference a day makes!  This was our last day in Italy and we were greeted by blue skies and sunshine.

We took a boat tour along the Grand canal.  I was fascinated by the old buildings along the canals.  Can you tell how there are some steps below the surface of the water?  Venice has sunk 9 inches in the last century and it is very evident all around you.
The view from our gondola

Savannah's souvenir of choice?  A carneval mask.
This was the terrace in the back of our apartment.  We could see cruise ships go by.
No, my picture is not crooked.  The tower is!

We wanted a picture with the carneval characters.  But Charlie Chaplin really wanted in!
There are no cars allowed in Venice.  This is how goods are delivered.
The Bridge of Sighs

Some of the colorful souvenirs
We went to the top of the campanile in St. Mark's square.  This tower replaced the original tower, which crumbled a thousand years after it was built.  The beauty of this tower?  An elevator!  :)

St. Mark's basilica on the right

We walked through many streets around Venice.  I was always amazed at the pieces of great art or architecture tucked into unexpected places.
This are not public boats, but private ones, docked outside residences.
Austin and I prove there is more to Italy than gelato.
A sunny grand canal picture
Look closely inside the gondola, and you can see the bride and groom.
I told my son Jared that he made one good-looking tourist!  :)
I absolutely loved listening to the live classical music outside the Florian.  This cafe opened its doors in this spot in 1720!
Our last night all together.  Makes me a little sad to look at this picture.

Our last picture and last meal in Italy!  We ended up eating pizza just about every day.  Most of the pizza crust was flat and crispy but this pizza was thick and gooey.  My favorite!

Ah, this concludes our trip to Italy.  We are already thinking ahead to our next vacation.  Maybe Thailand!

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  1. What a great trip and great memory. I loved reading about it; your pictures tell a great story!