Wednesday, May 22, 2013

In Hot Water!

 A few days ago was the first day I saw 110 degrees. I believe that is a personal high for me, although there was that summer of 1980 in Texas. But it is just May, and summer has not really begun. I noticed something last night, while taking a shower. I had to keep turning the dial to the right to get the water cool enough to shower in. More than usual. I mentioned this to someone and this is what I learned. These homes all have water tanks at the top of the house. As the summer progresses, this water gets very hot. Eventually, we will need to turn off the water heaters (which are inside the house).  The water heater will still continue to accumulate water, and it will stay 'cool' in the water heater. So to take a shower, there needs to be enough 'cool' water in the water heater to offset the extremely hot water coming out of the 'cold' water faucet. We will have to take quick showers so we don't run out of cool water! Crazy!

Well, as long as I am talking about showers, here are pictures of our bathroom.  They were taken during our house hunting trip last September.

Savannah is thinking, "Where is Mom going to put all her stuff??"  Good question.  There is no storage in any of the bathrooms.


Not a cabinet or drawer in sight. Nor electrical outlets!

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