Friday, May 3, 2013

Space Camp--Turkish Style

One of the cool things about living in Oman is the amazing trips my children get to take with their school.  Savannah recently got back from a trip to Turkey with her schoolmates.  At her age, I can't think of a single school trip I made.

The first part of the Turkey trip was spent at space camp.  This space camp was patterned after the ones in the US.  Here is Astronaut Savannah and some of her fellow astronauts.

So, what does one do at space camp?  One of Savannah's favorite activities was the space mission simulation. 

She was selected Commander of the mission.

The mission simulation took place inside the 'shuttle' on the left.

This contraption was for simulating zero gravity.

Another important part of space camp was the robotics competition.  They had to design this 'robot' to perform particular a list of particular tasks, such as picking up a ball placing it in a specific spot.

A very special treat was a visit from Charlie Duke, one of only 12 men to ever walk on the moon!

Behind Savannah is the town of Izmir, where the space camp was located.

The kids also had the chance to tour Ephesus, a great Biblical and historic site!  What an opportunity!

This structure is thought to be the home of Mary, mother of Jesus.

Some of the ruins in Ephesus

When I blog about places, I usually refer to a guidebook.  I have a whole stack of books on Oman and a great one on Italy.  For this blog post, however, I am relying on my daughter's memory.  She said this church has some of the remains of John the Baptist, who was beheaded on the orders of King Herod.  This actual church was built in the 5th or 6th century.

So ends Savannah's trip to Turkey.  She had a great time hanging out with all her friends for five days and made memories to last a lifetime!


  1. Space Camp in Turkey! Who would have thought!!

  2. The expat life is great for the kids too. When I was young like Savanah, our field trip was to the Houston ship channel..Yipeee! Mike K