Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hike by Riyam Park

My family went on this hike back in December when all my kids were here.  I posted a couple of pictures of this hike, but I promised more pictures.  I am catching up on some blogging before my mother and sister come for a visit.  Can't wait to see them!

Back to the hike.  I didn't go on this one because I was home with a bad cold.  I had read about this hike and told them where to go.  This is what my Bradt book, Oman, said about this hike.  "From the parking area beside the Riyam Park [this is the park with the huge white frankincense burner] you will notice a brown trekking signpost which is the start of the way-marked walk C-38.  This path is recommend to give you a proper feel for the setting of Muttrah and Muscat, and follow part of the ancient overland route that linked the two places before the arrival of roads and vehicles.  The total distance is 2.5 km and it takes 90 minutes to two hours, ending behind Muttrah."

That is the Riyam Park in the far distance, with the aforementioned frankincense burner.

That is the harbor in the distance, and possibly the sultan's yacht.

The book also described this as an "easy hill and wadi walk".  My family assured me it was nothing of the kind!!

This is one hike I definitely plan on going on some day.  But not today.  I have never seen so much rain in my whole time in Muscat!


  1. Great pictures!.... im planing on doing this walk with some friends soon. How long did your family complete it in?

    1. Hello Aishwarya!
      I asked my son Austin and he said the whole thing took about three hours, longer than the book said it would take. Have fun!