Friday, February 14, 2014

It Really Does Rain in Oman!!

When I think of Oman, I think sunshine and blue skies.  Well, it does actually rain in Muscat.  Not often, but some.  Average annual rainfall in Muscat is 100 mm, or 4 inches.  Yesterday, we got seven months worth of rain, or over 2 inches of rain!  Just for comparison, Chicago gets about 41 inches of rain a year.

I have never seen standing water in my front yard.

We decided to go to lunch at Chili's in City Center Seeb.  This This is 18 November Street,  where more than half the road was covered.

By the new airport

Going under Sultan Qaboos highway

It took us longer than normal to get to the mall, but not too bad.  Not so for my friend, Erin.  She came on Sultan Qaboos and it took her two hours for what normally takes about 20 minutes!  There was actually about a foot of water over the highway near the new airport.

Just as southern US does not handle snow well, Muscat does not handle rain well.  There are parts of Muscat that flood seriously and easily whenever there is rain.  We thought we were avoiding those areas, but I guess not.

There is a cricket field under all that water.

We had put the towel on the floor because there was some leaking in the morning.  Most houses in Muscat are not totally leak proof.  Well, when we came in after lunch, we saw that we needed more towels.

The next three pictures were posted online.   All around Muscat.

This is not what I would want to be doing in my Rolls.  Like I have the option.  :)

Ahhh, the day after.  This is what I am used to!  No rain in the forecast for the next seven days.  Picture perfect weather for my mom and sis! 

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