Thursday, June 5, 2014

Baby Lukas!

My friend, Paula, just had her baby!  Lukas.  She had him in Muscat Private Hospital and has had a  good experience.  She is very happy with the care provided by the doctors and nurses.  

Here I am, holding precious Lukas.  I am getting into my grandma groove.  Our family is expecting our first grand baby this summer!  So excited!!

Precious Lukas and my grand baby news aside, this is the real reason for my blog post!  Look at this thing!!  When I first saw this, I thought there was a special event at the hospital, but no.  "Just" a baby.  This is what one new mom received to celebrate her newborn son.

I know, it's practically the same picture, but I couldn't help myself!  The room door was open, or I would have taken pictures from the front.  Can you see the children?  Omani moms receive elaborate gifts of food and flowers in the hospital.  Paula said she has seen people leaving carrying bunches and bunches of flowers.  And here I didn't give Paula any flowers.  She had practically run out of horizontal surface space and I was being practical.  But I will take her an awesome meal when she gets home from the hospital.  :)

Here is a balloon 'child' up close.  

Wow!  I wonder if I could get these people to make one of these balloon masterpieces in New York City!

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