Thursday, June 19, 2014

Goodbye, Souk!

Today was my final trip to the souk.  I had a few things I wanted to buy before we left Oman.  Here are some of our purchases.

Our friendly shop owner.  The name of his shop is The Lexury Home.  I have bought things from this shop several times in the past two years.  How do you find his shop?  Enter in the main entrance to the souk.  Make the first right.  Keep walking and walking, passing all the fabric and clothing stalls.  When the lane ends, veer right.  This shop will be on your right.  I have bought an oil picture, several watercolor prints, and jewelry from here in the past.  Oh, and camel keychains.

Here is the Arabic coffee pot that was tops on my list.  I have always wanted one, but this pot is going to my daughter Amanda's baby shower in the US.  It is going to be an Around-the-World Theme.  

A clearer picture of the coffee pot.  Ignore the pink.  That is the reflection from my pants.

(Speaking of the baby shower, here are a couple of earlier souk purchases.)

Savannah picked out this silver khanjar  necklace.  The khanjar is the traditional Omani dagger, worn around the waist by Omani men on more formal or ceremonial occasions.  Her khanjar actually slides in and out of it's sheath.

For example...

Joe has been wanting a khanjar since we moved here.  He finally bought one last night.

A sweet moment when brother and sister are not fighting.  :)  Austin bought a gift for his girlfriend here, so it was a fruitful stop, even though I did not find the type of prints I was looking for.

Savannah also bought some 'Ray Bans', tops on her list.

Parking is hard to find around the souk, so we had to drive up and down the corniche, circling around.   I was just snapping pictures as we drove.

Great memories of my favorite part of Muscat.  Though not the greatest of pictures.  :)

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