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Highlights of Oman? Oh My!!I

I will be moving from Oman in less than two weeks.  I really did this blog post for myself, as I reflect on my favorite moments, pictures, and memories from all my blog posts on Oman.  There are a LOT of pictures, in no particular order.  I tried to upload them in order, but oh well.  And I am not going to bother with arranging them.  Lucky for you that so many of my blog posts were about traveling to other countries, so this could have been much longer!  :)

Is there anything cuter than little Omani boys in their dishdashas??  I don't think so!  This was taken at the National Day celebration at TAISM.

They offered henna painting.

Celebrating National Day at Toys R Us.

My mom and I having tea on my deck.  Gonna miss that view!

Shangri-La's Barr Al-Jissa resort.  To think I am living 30 minutes from this!

With my mom and sis at the Muscat Opera house.

My handsome son, Jared, at the Grand Mosque.

Jared took this picture of a stormy harbor.  This is my #1 favorite spot in Muscat!

Seth, Amanda, and Jared outside of Barr Al-Jissa, my #3 favorite spot in Oman.

Jebel Akhdar.  This was when Austin and Savannah went for their Discover Oman trip.

Austin and Savannah

Being serenaded by the Oman Army band in the British Thin Red Line ball.

Fort Nakhal.  #4 favorite spot.

Love this place!  Breathtaking views and about an hour out of Muscat.

The wadi close to Fort Nakhal.

My antique doors I got at the Muttrah Souk.

My favorite store at the souk.  I usually bought something.

I need to go buy one of these abayas.  This one is full of bling!!

This is from when Austin went on a Desert Trek with school.

From Savannah's Jebel Akhdar trip.

Muscat Womens Fellowship Christmas Luncheon 2013

I loved the ladies in MWF and BSF

My first time at the opera house.

Opera house at night.

Also from the Thin Red Line Ball.  So cool!

Wadi Arbiyeen

Gorgeous sunset on Jebel Akhdar.

I loved these figures at the Muscat Festival.  If anyone knows where I can buy one, please let me know!  They were not for sale on this day and I forgot to get the artist's information.

Both of these were taken at the Muscat Festival in Amerat.

The entrance to the Muttrah souk.

My favorite minaret, on the corniche.

This was taken in Sifah.

Christmas 2013

Me and my girls at the Grand Mosque.

The Grand Mosque is my #2 favorite spot in Muscat.

At the camel races.  We missed the official race so they ran an unofficial one for us.

Wadi Shab.  What number am I at now?  #5, I think.  :)

Several pictures of the Grand Mosque.

We went boating on New Year's Day 2013.  We left from Bandar marina and went to a private beach.

There were incredible views every direction.

I think this is the last Grand Mosque picture.  :)

Wahiba Sands

We had a great time 'glamping' in Desert Nights.

I saw this lady both years at Muscat Festival.

This was one of the performers at the Muscat Festival.

This picture, and the next one, were taken at Sifah beach.

Christmas 2012 at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Quite the experience, though not one I want to repeat.  Air ambulance to London.

This is probably one of my favorite pictures of Oman!  Joe took this down in Salalah, on his way home from work.  I had this enlarged and framed.

One of the rare storms in Muscat.

Thanksgiving 2013

The view from the hiking path that starts in Riyam Park, close to the souk.

These two pictures were from one of the abandoned villages in Jebel Akhdar.

One of the many watchtowers in Oman.

2013 Eighth grade graduation at TAISM

I did a whole blog post on mosques.  This one is my favorite.  It is close to the Grand Hyatt and Embassy row.

On our way to the Marine Corps Ball 2013.

I made Texas bow ties for Ross and Joe.

The view from the back of Al Bustan.

This picture does not begin to do justice to the view from the front of the hotel.

Camels cause a traffic jam in  Salalah.

The lobby of the Bandar hotel at Barr Al-Jissa.

Who doesn't haul camels in the back of their Toyota pick-up?

I just blogged about Caroline, and here is when she wrapped me in a sari.

Oops!  Another one.  I probably have the most pictures of the Grand Mosque.

This is when I had lunch with Sheik Barkeet in Thumrait, outside of Salalah.

The reason the Holmes family moved to Oman!

I think this is my favorite picture!!  This camel is in the middle of the road, staring at the truck driver.  The camel knows who's king!

Joe having lunch with the sheik in Thumrait.

This is the way the seas look in Salalah during the Kareef season.

The blowholes of Mughsail.

Joe and Job's tomb

Down by Salalah in September.  It does not look like this year-round.

Joe at the border between Oman and Yemen.  Just because.

What a beautiful country this is!  What a fabulous time we have had!

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